Senior Engineer - Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Competitive Salary



Dyson offers a unique opportunity for a talented and experienced Engineer to join our software team, within Dyson’s Research, Design and Development (RDD) department; based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, U.K.

Market Overview

Home to our global Research, Design and Development centre and all of our Commercial functions, Dyson HQ is tucked away in countryside famous for the railway tunnels and bridges of Isambard Brunel, who revolutionised modern engineering. Our secluded location helps us to protect our ideas and stay independent-minded. Yet nearby are the fashionable cities of Bristol and Bath (where a young James Dyson invented cyclone technology). The building is the heartbeat of Dyson. Over 1,500 people, including James himself, spend their days strategizing, inventing technology and telling the Dyson story to the world. From 2016, our HQ will begin doubling its footprint with an ambitious new expansion.

Function Overview



  • Research and development of new technologies and concepts for machine learning, deep neural networks in computer vision and data fusion for real time applications.
  • Software implementation of the developed technology for proof-of-concept and prototyping purposes.
  • Collaboration with the team members and with other teams in order to transfer the developed technology to the relevant business units.
  • Intellectual property generation.


  • Machine Learning approaches, Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Training of neural networks, unsupervised and supervised learning, deep learning, data mining, knowledge discovery and optimization techniques, statistics and probabilistic models.
  • Computer Vision (object detection, recognition, tracking, activity recognition, depth sensing, segmentation, multi-camera geometry).
  • Applying machine learning on 2D/3D visual data (images or video), Image and video processing concepts (experience in virtual reality visual content processing is advantageous).
  • Ability to plan and estimate development tasks.
  • At least Degree level qualification.
  • Good communication and motivation skills.
  • MSc or PhD degree in a relevant technical area.
  • 6+ years relevant work experience.
  • Algorithm development from idea to proof-of-concept and prototype phases.
  • Excellent programming and software development skills in C/C++, Python and Matlab.
  • Experience in GPU programming using OpenGL, CUDA and OpenCL (computing cluster experience is a plus).
  • Experience with deep learning libraries such as Theano, Keras, Lasagne, TensorFlow, Caffe and Torch
  • Experience in computer vision libraries such as OpenCV.
  • Comfortable in both Windows and Linux development environments (Android software development is a plus) and being able to develop cross-platforms software components.
  • Innovative, full of ideas and eager to invent new things.
  • Motivated to learn and explore new ideas and technologies.
  • Out of the box thinker and problem solver.
  • Looking forward to be in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team.
  • Self-guided and eager to take responsibility.
  • Excellent in written and verbal English language skills.

Closing date: 11th of July 2017.

Benefits Overview

Dyson monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll also enjoy a profit-related bonus, generous leave and life insurance. But financial benefits are only the start of a Dyson career. Rapid professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, flexible working hours, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to creativity, innovation and ambition.

Posted: 12-Jun-2017

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