Characterisation & QC Scientist




A Materials Scientist/engineer with significant experience working on the physical and electrochemical characterisation of materials. A scientist working in any of the following industries; solar, electronics, speciality materials, OLED, fuel-cell or battery industries would be particularly suited to the role.

Market Overview

Home to our global Research, Design and Development centre and all of our Commercial functions, Dyson HQ is tucked away in countryside famous for the railway tunnels and bridges of Isambard Brunel, who revolutionised modern engineering. Our secluded location helps us to protect our ideas and stay independent-minded. Yet nearby are the fashionable cities of Bristol and Bath (where a young James Dyson invented cyclone technology).

The building is the heartbeat of Dyson. Over 1,500 people, including James himself, spend their days strategizing, inventing technology and telling the Dyson story to the world. From 2016, our HQ will begin doubling its footprint with an ambitious new expansion.


Function Overview

It’s one thing to solve a problem that’ll change technology forever. But turning that idea into a reality involves solving many more problems – and success is ultimately measured, not by the thinking, but by the machine. Our manufacturing team supports over 1,000 Dyson engineers worldwide turning ideas into groundbreaking technology. Involved early in the design, they identify materials, pre-empt production issues and find ways to build more efficiently and robustly. From designing the machines, to the machines that build the machines, they help shape the future of technology.


Providing an efficient test and characterisation function is the core of the role, it is also very important that the team engenders a culture of curiosity and inventiveness. With visibility which spans across the diverse and growing portfolio of Dyson’s Energy Storage R&D projects, its engineers and technicians are in a unique position for insight, discovery, and invention. It is hence vital that the team has the attitude and ability to seek and progress such opportunities.


Essential Experience:

  • Degree or postgraduate degree in a scientific or engineering discipline 

  • Significant experience developing methods for the physical, structural and electrochemical characterisation of materials and devices.

  • Has used analytical skills to develop a product/idea/process from concept to technology demonstration.

  • Has used analytical skill and insight gained from materials characterisation to influence product or process improvement.

Desirable Experience :

  • Post-graduate degree  

  • Knowledge of analytical techniques used for the characterisation of thin films

  • Experience of Thin film deposition methods,  Vacuum (UHV & HV) engineering, Vacuum system assembly, design and maintenance.

  •  Experience of Battery material development and test cell assembly (Anodes/ Cathodes/Electrolytes)

  • Experience of working with Air sensitive, unstable or pyrophoric compounds

  • Familiarity with  Risk Assessment, COSHH, HAZOP processes

  • Experience of working in Hazardous& complex environments, (e.g. dry / explosive / particulate / vapour)

  • Confident in Data acquisition & Processing – Scientific in understanding but engineering in mind-set.

  • Proficient in MS Office packages including Excel

  • Knowledge of Statistical process/measurement control and validation.

Benefits Overview

Dyson monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll also enjoy a profit-related bonus, generous leave and life insurance. But financial benefits are only the start of a Dyson career. Rapid professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, flexible working hours, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to creativity, innovation and ambition.

Posted: 15-Nov-2016

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