Description and Requirements

Our focus is creating machines and technologies that are not only high performing but also energy efficient, environmentally responsible and manufactured in good working conditions.  Monitoring and improving the ethical and environmental standards in our supply chain is a core part of the Dyson CSR strategy.  Dyson owners, retailers and employees expect it of us.  We expect this of ourselves.

Market Overview:

In order to ensure that our CSR standards can be effectively implemented across this growing Dyson supply chain - in both contract manufacturers and second tier suppliers – in 2018 . With the introduction of legal requirements especially the UK modern Slavery Act 2015, we are moving towards wider coverage of CSR audit , focusing on key challenges, namely:

  • Increase the volume of supplier audits and cover wider scope of suppliers and countries
  • Closer collaboration with Philippine  CMs to establish CSR compliance which will ensure CSR is properly implemented with policies and systems, including worker feedback mechanisms
  • Responsible recruitment of labour in Dyson supply chain
  • Accommodation standards for migrant workers
  • Health, safety, hygiene and well-being of workers in Dyson supply chain (Dyson Clean project)

Function Overview:

Responsible sourcing – in other words, monitoring and improving the ethical and environmental standards in our manufacturing supply chain, is a core part of CSR at Dyson.  Since 2010 CSR team in Dyson Malaysia (DMSB) has worked to implement our ethical and environmental code of conduct (CoC) with contract manufacturers (CM) and 2nd tier suppliers, bringing about significant improvements.  The key function of the CSR team is to perform CSR Audits.


To champion and safeguard Dyson’s ethical and environmental standards amongst our manufacturing supply chain which comprise of contract manufacturer (CM), second and third tier suppliers – primarily located in SEA mainly Philippines .  Duties include:


  • To conduct periodical Dyson led Ethical and Environmental audit at first and second tier suppliers based on Dyson Code of Conduct (CoC).
  • Managing Dyson’s Ethical and Environmental Code of Conduct, the content and its acceptance by all suppliers.
  • Working with the Dyson Commercial team to ensure that new suppliers meet the required ethical and environmental standard CoC.
  • Setting the priorities for a Dyson led supplier audit programme.
  • Timely preparation of audit report after each audit.
  • Follow up on audits and Corrective Action Plans (CAP) from audited suppliers.
  • Take responsibility for specific CSR projects assigned by the Senior CSR Manager which includes planning, implementation, monitoring and result reporting.
  • To manage all audit findings, corrective action plan and progress reporting through SEDEX.
  • Do risk assessment (RA) on all suppliers using SEDEX
  • Managing the relationship and audit programme for third party independent auditors.
  • Assist the CSR Head –SEA / Senior Manager in preparation and execution of the yearly Audit Plan.
  • Working with the senior management teams of our CM and suppliers to continually improve conditions for workers in terms of Employee Welfare, C&B, and etc.
  • Working with the Senior CSR Manager and Dyson’s senior management team to deal with supplier issues as they arise in terms of employees work environment.
  • Monthly reporting of information from the audit process to the Senior CSR Manager in DMSB.
  • Continuing to develop our audit standards and processes for monitoring and improvement.
  • Manage energy and waste data collection from within Dyson facility and contract manufacturers


Integrity: has a keen sense of justice and is willing and able to challenge the status quo in order to achieve change.


Strategic Thinking: demonstrates ability to take a broad overview of issues and to identify most salient points.  Takes an inventive approach.


Analytical Skills: Identifies and analyses key trends, issues, problems and solutions.  Reasons logically and accurately with financial and numerical information.  Ensures details are not overlooked.


Team Work: Able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a wide range of people.  Works co-operatively with others as part of a team.


Autonomy:  A self-starter who is undaunted by new people and new challenges.


Written and Oral Communication: Is able to use a variety of oral and written communication presentation techniques to ensure audit reports are clear and easy to understand.


Culture awareness: is sensitive to cultural differences that may occur within Dyson or within manufacturing supply chain and adapts style and behaviour as necessary.


Commercial awareness: ability to develop innovative and commercially viable solutions to ethical and environmental challenges in the supply chain.


Languages: fluent spoken and written English and Malay.   Ideally additional languages – e.g. Tamil, Mandarin, Hindi.



  • Degree holder from a recognized higher institute of learning or university.
  • Minimum 3 years of solid experience in auditing especially in the area of Labour Requirements, Health, Safety and Environment in a manufacturing industry.
  • Experience in handling Ethical Audit independently.
  • Preference will be given to candidate with experience as Lead Auditor/Auditor
  • Willing to travel domestics and overseas for audit


  • Knowledge and experience of ethical audit standards such as SA 8000 would be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of Human Resource management, Labour laws, Employment Act and OSHA would be advantageous.
  • Those interested to build a career in Ethical and Environmental Audit is encouraged to apply.

Benefits Overview:

Dyson Philippine monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and bonuses. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy a transport allowance and comprehensive medical care and insurance. But financial benefits are just the start of a Dyson career. Professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to fuelling and realizing ambition