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Take your career to a new level, to the earliest inception stage of a project, where you will have the opportunity to change the entire direction of dyson by creating new products from the earliest vision right through to a working prototype proving technology. NPI is a unique hands on development team that are passionate about engineering and want to use their ideas, skill and knowledge to identify and create new machines that are disruptive technologies. In NPI you will find fast moving ideas, prototype generation, testing, phase with the ultimate aim to set a strong vision for future dyson products within a bold product format, and ask – is this the future of Dyson? You will be required to generate ideas, research, build, test and identify and evaluate multiple product systems and layouts calling on your own and others skills at the leading edge of a technology field, of engineering and product design. We are specifically looking for talented and experienced people from within RDD that have a proven interest and energy to develop new product within NPI. A balance of mechanical, electrical and software background and interests will be most beneficial. Our base in the world class design and research building D9 has the facilities on hand to be able to take ideas to the next level and steer the future of the company.

Market Overview

Home to our global Research, Design and Development centre and all of our Commercial functions, Dyson HQ is tucked away in countryside famous for the railway tunnels and bridges of Isambard Brunel, who revolutionised modern engineering. Our secluded location helps us to protect our ideas and stay independent-minded. Yet nearby are the fashionable cities of Bristol and Bath (where a young James Dyson invented cyclone technology). The building is the heartbeat of Dyson. Over 1,500 people, including James himself, spend their days strategizing, inventing technology and telling the Dyson story to the world. From 2016, our HQ will begin doubling its footprint with an ambitious new expansion.

Function Overview

Our Design engineering team is the idea factory of Dyson. It’s where we took the bag out of the vacuum. The blades out of a fan. And the heat out of hand dryers. With free-flowing curiosity and creativity, ideas are never in short supply. The key is deciding which ones could change the world and which should, for now, be shelved. This is done by the New Product Innovation team, who pass on the best ideas to New Product Development. Sketching, prototyping, testing, failing and refining follow. It can take months, even years. But those ideas that make it are big. The ones that transform markets.


  • Apply innovative problem solving skills to support the vision specification for new product concepts.
  • Participate in brainstorms and gather research to support new product concepts.
  • Champion great design to produce products that meet all performance and functional criteria.
  • Work with research teams to integrate and develop new technology research into the final design.
  • Take an active, hands-on role to ensure that all engineering problems are resolved thoroughly.
  • Use established Dyson development processes, good engineering practice and discipline to deliver robust design solutions in agreed timeframe.
  • Maintain all supporting documentation to ensure accurate hand over either to other teams within the UK or Far East.
  • Communicate between all teams within RDD and Global Operations to ensure effective and timely input.
  •   Prepare for (and participate in when required) design reviews with Design Managers and Concept Design Director.
  • Design reviews with James Dyson and/or Executive, as required.


  • A degree in a relevant engineering or science discipline or equivalent.
  • Previous relevant experience of product design or mechanical engineering.
  • Sound understanding and knowledge of basic physical principles.
  • Knowledge and understanding of injection moulding and manufacturing.
  • A creative and considered approach to problem solving, adhering to clear design processes.
  • An understanding of practical and methodical design development through prototyping and testing.
  • Proven ability to communicate through 2 and 3 dimensional media, e.g. sketching, CAD, model making.
  • Technical and personal credibility to work effectively with other teams in RDD.
  • Ability to plan ahead, prioritise tasks and coordinate with the work of others.
  • Excellent communication, problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Self starter - ability to work independently.
  • Ability to travel to Far East for project transfer/production requirement desirable.

Benefits Overview

Dyson monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll also enjoy a profit-related bonus, generous leave and life insurance. But financial benefits are only the start of a Dyson career. Rapid professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, flexible working hours, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to creativity, innovation and ambition.

Posted: 5-Jul-2017

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