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The Programme Manager will work closely with the Senior Commercial Manager (in CoE and NPD) and Commercial Director to ensure that annual budgets are aligned with the category vision and enable successful delivery.

The Programme Manager, Senior Commercial Managers (in CoE and NPD) and Commercial Director will form the category steering committee for annual project and budget planning and assessing whether deviations to the annual strategy should be made. They will ensure that there is adequate resource to deliver upon the strategic objectives and escalate risks to this where appropriate.

The Programme Manager is responsible for the line management and coaching of Project Managers within category. 

Market Overview

Home to our global Research, Design and Development centre and all of our Commercial functions, Dyson HQ is tucked away in countryside famous for the railway tunnels and bridges of Isambard Brunel, who revolutionised modern engineering. Our secluded location helps us to protect our ideas and stay independent-minded. Yet nearby are the fashionable cities of Bristol and Bath (where a young James Dyson invented cyclone technology).

The building is the heartbeat of Dyson. Over 1,500 people, including James himself, spend their days developing strategies, inventing technology and telling the Dyson story to the world. From 2016, our HQ will begin doubling its footprint with an ambitious new expansion.

Function Overview

Bringing brand new technology to life – and to the world – requires careful planning, adherence to process and suitable governance in order to innovate and succeed. The Programme Management function integrates our internal resource and ensures that the category’s products, campaigns and initiatives are brought to life in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Ultimately the function enables the business to make effective and informed decisions on projects within a category to ensure we deliver the right things at the right time.


The role takes ownership of the internal resource and time and cost management to ensure that the category delivers upon the strategic objectives set their category. Working closely with the Product and Commercial Management teams, the Programme Manager is critical in ensuring that we make effective decisions about matters both internally (with RDD, technical teams (Claims, Insights, CST), channel teams etc.) and externally (with markets) through use of the Commercial Governance Framework. Programme Managers are responsible for ensuring our launches and campaigns are planned, governed, resourced and managed to meet the business needs.

1, Across the Define, Develop, Design and Deliver phases of the project (the project life-cycle) Programme Managers will ensure that Product and Commercial Management teams follow the process and provide transparency in decision making.

a.    Across the Define and Develop phases of the project, ensure that teams are working to assess the feasibility of the project. Ensure that technical teams and channel teams (where appropriate) are closely linked into the project as it progresses.

b.    Responsible for scoping the size of the campaign through the Develop phase of a project. Do we have sufficient plans, resource and budget in place to deliver upon the project?

c.     Responsible for ensuring that the Commercial Manager communicates in a timely manner the roject objective and background through a project brief and channel immersion during the Design phase of a project.

d.    Responsible for ensuring that the Project Manager is suitably up to speed with the complexities of the project during the Design phase to enable them to collate a SoW for the project from the Producers of the Channel teams.

e.    Accountable for delivering the content of the SoW on time and to budget. Work closely with the Project Manager to ensure that risks, issues and deviations to spec. are carefully managed and communicated and do not affect the go live date.

2, Lead and inspire their Programme Management team to deliver projects that are suitably planned, governed, resourced and managed.

a.    Responsible for developing, maintaining and visibly storing a timeline of the project, encompassing teams across the Commercial function.

b.    Ensure that teams are prepared to communicate the status of the project cross-functionally in the Commercial Governance Framework.

c.     Responsible for the annual budget for asset production. Responsible for ensuring that projects are delivered to cost.

d.    Ensure that resource across the SoW has been properly identified and is allocated by the Channel Producers. Use the the resource management software to log resource and identify under/over-utilisation's to effectively manage and balance internal and external resource.

e.    Responsible for scoping project size and forecasting/estimating resource, time and budget requirements.

f.      Responsible for actively seeking and resolving project issues and escalating, where appropriate.

3, Support the annual budgeting process for the category across projects on the SoW, ranging and media planning.

a.    Sit on the steering committee for the category to ensure that adequate resource and budgets are available to deliver the strategic direction of the category for the year. Work closely with the Senior Commercial Manager (NPD and Group Commercial – CoE) to assess priorities and opportunities globally.

b.    Own the overall project list of activities for a Category and classify projects according to our governance process. Responsible for the agreed SoW that the Programme Manager owns and manages. This SoW is reviewed and prioritised but never added to without clear resource and budget allocations being agreed by Planning & Operations Director. The SoW must be shared with Markets by the Commercial team so the agreed project list is visible and transparent.

c.     Identify resource and budget constraints to project plans

d.    Coach the Project Manager to identify resource and budgetary concerns ahead of when they happen. Assist in their development to view of how projects tie into the wider picture for the category.

4, Work closely with the wider Planning and Operations team to transparently communicate risks to the business.

a.    Attend regular planning sessions to communicate status and escalate issues where appropriate

b.    Maintain a close relationship with the Producers and wider Programme Management teams to share best practice and ways of working.

c.     Update and maintain all relevant documents (including, but not limited to, the Commercial Project Summary, RAG status)


  • The Programme Manager will always have the questions below in the forefront of their minds when making decisions:
  • Are we adequately resourced and budgeted to successfully deliver campaigns to market
  • How do we ensure that we don’t have issues resourcing projects and how do we mitigate any risks around resource
  • How would our resource capacity be best reported to the wider business and senior stakeholders
  • Do we have appropriate Freelance support when required to deliver our projects
  • Are projects following process and is the business making informed decisions about them based on transparent and clear data
  • Will we deliver on time and to budget with the booked resource

Benefits Overview

Dyson monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll also enjoy a profit-related bonus, generous leave and life insurance. But financial benefits are only the start of a Dyson career. Rapid professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, flexible working hours, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to creativity, innovation and ambition.

Posted: 27-Sep-2017

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