Design Engineer (Sakti3)


Ann Arbor, Michigan US


This position is in the Design Engineering Team. Under general direction, the Design Engineer provides novel solutions or improvement of techniques, procedures, or products through theoretical modeling or analysis and experiments. The domain of science involved is broad and includes electrochemistry, electromagnetics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, vacuum and chemistry. Activities include assisting in planning and evaluating approaches to meet project objectives in a timely fashion. Successful Design Engineers are excellent communicators, enjoy solving problems, and work well in teams.

Market Overview


Function Overview




  • Develops and maintains products and assists in their commercialization.

  • Provides solutions based on principles of physics and mathematical models.

  • Presents research and development results to technical and management audiences.

  • Writes technical reports, and assists in patenting inventions.

  • Conducts tests to verify hypothesis and simulation results.

  • Identifies and keeps abreast of novel technical concepts and markets.  

  • Designs and coordinates tests, documents test results, and assists in technical presentations.

  • Conducts technical reviews of project requirements, specifications, and risk analyses; ensures commitments are agreed, reviewed, and met.




    MS or PhD degree in physics or related engineering disciplines.



  •  2 ~ 5 years of research and development experience

  • Capable of developing models and codes to simulate various physical phenomena including, but not limited to, rarified gas flow, heat transfer, electrochemical systems, and high temperature high density plasmas phenomenology

  •  Experienced programming skills and have succeeded in self-started software development

  •  Ability to interpret simulation results and communicate to the team

  •  Capable of fast learning on a new technology and physics

  •  Ability to operate and troubleshoot simulation codes based on multiphysics models

  •  Good communications skills

  •  Able to function and interact in a multi-teams environment


Benefits Overview


Posted: 7-Dec-2016

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