Senior Manufacturing Quality Engineer


Calamba, Laguna Philippines


This position will help Dyson to identify all the manufacturing for Quality element which can be instilled at early stage of transfer to CM. This will benefit the Dyson company by reducing defective parts at the field and to have smooth launch.

Market Overview

The quality and reliability team ensures that our products are the highest quality that they can be, that we are striving to improve our products, the knowledge of the wider Dyson team and the fundamental systems and processes that determine the quality of our products.


We are challenging, assertive and collaborative in working with the wider business to prevent issues, to fix problems and to ensure that systemic lessons are learned. While not being afraid to shout stop when processes are out of control or at risk we love seeing new and innovative product getting into the hands of our consumers and so we are not a traditional quality department. We need processes but are not process obsessed – a real understanding and management of risk to customers is what drives us.


We are hands on with product development, our suppliers, manufacturers and the wider supply chain to ensure that the very best possible products end up in consumer’s hands.

Function Overview

1. To identify, manage and develop Dyson key Contract Manufacturers (CM) by establishing alignment between Dyson requirements, CM processes & capabilities and performance metrics.

2. To engage Dyson interfacing teams and functions beginning from NPD/I (New Product Development/Introduction) phase for all product categories through to end of product life.


Job Purpose

  1. All Dyson products are manufactured according to the agreed work instructions, standards, processes, procedures, drawings and guidelines including rework.

  2. All equipment, jigs and fixtures are to specification, calibrated and used correctly.

  3. Management and Operators are trained to the required level for their station.

  4. The integrity of the data from defined and agreed data collection points including IQC (Incoming Quality Control) to OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) can be relied upon and that the data is used to correct/optimize the line/s as part of a continuous improvement program.

  5. A state of readiness for new product lines is established and communicated throughout the NPI (New Product Introduction) phase.

  6. Establish, monitor and communicate CM (Contract Manufacturer) performance, gaps and improvement against plans.

  7. Apply Lessons Learnt and continuous improvement throughout the CM base.

Main Duties/Responsibilities:

All aspects of managing the Manufacturing Quality Engineering (MQE) team for Dyson Manufacturing lines including but not limited to:

  1. NPD/I – Early involvement with the new programs/products to give timely feedback to management on status of manufacturability, capability and possible quality risk areas including rework lines. Responsible for signing off, internally, issue 1 and subsequent revision drawings as being a complete and accurate representation of all information required to successfully create high quality control plans.

  2. New LinesProduction Readiness - Ensure that the MQE team is delivering appropriate support for all new lines and production readiness is understood, monitored, progressed and communicated. This should include any rework lines. Responsible for signing off, internally, the CM control plans as being appropriate to producing all parts, assemblies and products to Dyson’s specifications, required to be ‘in-place’ for the start of EB1 and kept in synchronization with drawing revision up to SOP  via ECO process.

  3. Quality Metrics – Create management summaries from all data collection points from IQC (Incoming Quality Control) to OQC (Out-going Quality Control) understanding process capability and RTY (Rolled Through-put Yield) and report performance daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly as agreed.

  4. Daily Production – Establish, monitor, summarize and communicate continuous improvement activities and issue management and station performance

  5. Support corrective action process – Manage, coordinate all production RCCA (Root Cause and Corrective Actions) to timely conclusion taking in to account implications of poor quality end to end.

  6. Production STOP – Line Down – Oversee RCCA ensuring that the right people at the right level are involved. Produce and communicate regular (hourly, daily or as defined/necessary) updates to management on status, progress or where more specialized or senior management help is required

  7. Sub-Tier Supplier Quality – where issues occur due to poor incoming materials quality, ensure that the CM takes the lead and the relevant Dyson SQE (Supplier Quality Engineer) is involved.

  8. Lessons Learnt/Continuous Improvement – Establish gap and gap closure plans against Dyson agreed strategy for CM capabilities and performance. Coordinate the MQE team to review LLs and support timely improvement against the Dyson strategy.

  9. Performance – Collate, summarize and communicate CM Quality performance through Quality Metrics data and audit results. Contribute to the Dyson Score-Card for QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews)

  10. Product Transfer – Coordination of Quality activities associated with product transfer. Oversee knowledge, data and know how transfer with receiving MQE. Develop strong communication with design and spending with each team to ensure they are taking into account the design for quality requirements in their day-to-day design work/ Continuously communicate with supplier to understand known manufacturing standards.

  11. Market Rework – Support, assist and/or coordinate as required.

  12. Sustaining – Monitor and address product field failure rates and drive improvements back to development teams where needed.



Essential Skills

  • Candidate must possess a Degree or Diploma in Electronic / Motor / Mechanical Engineering with minimum 3 years' experience in an engineering/quality capacity in a project management and manufacturing environment

  • Strong technical background in assembly line and Quality management

  • Extensive experience is specifically required in issue management techniques, tools and methods e.g. 8D, 5 Whys, 5S, GR&R, DOE  etc…

  • Trained and Certified Six Sigma is an advantage

  • Demonstrate understanding in full of engineering specs for component or assembly sourcing.

  • Issue Management - Able to successfully manage complex issues whilst under time and cost pressure, lead / coordinate cross-functional teams in delivering timely solutions

  • Experience in working in an environment where specification and process are not always predetermined.

  • Project management experience, not just leading but delivering technology projects into production with high levels of success.

  • Analytical and data driven with an ability to generate a concise argument to support their views.

  • Motivated by driving continuous improvement programs and application of Lessons Learnt mindset


Personal Specification:


  • Adaptability
  • Seeks to stretch and enhance the role of Quality across Dyson interfacing functions. Supports others within the functions, users and suppliers so that maximum value is derived by all processes
  • Self-motivated, independent, results-driven
  • Passion for delivering results and product quality
  • Process change / improvement skills are essential
  • Analytical and Attention to detail is a must

Benefits Overview

Dyson Philippine monitors the market to ensure we offer a competitive salary and management bonus. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy comprehensive medical care and insurance. But financial benefits are only one part of a successful career at Dyson. Professional growth, leadership support and new opportunities abound, driven by regular dialogue and international training. And with a vibrant culture, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to fuelling and realizing ambition.

Posted: 6-Nov-2017

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