Senior Reliability Engineer


Senai, Johor- Malaysia


The Senior Product Quality Engineer is responsible for Product Quality deliverables for development projects in South East Asia and driving design mitigations for issues that may be discovered post-launch.

During the SEA Development phase the Senior Product Quality Engineer and their direct reports are responsible for the following areas:

       Reviewing FRACAS Problem Reports from Validation Testing against market data to establish the level of risk and reviewing appropriateness of mitigations

       Managing realworld User Trials with the support of the Design Team, the Senior Product Quality Insights Analyst and the Territory-based Quality Teams

       Creating Quality Information Packs for the Territory-based Quality Teams in preparation for market monitoring

Post-launch the Senior Product Quality Engineer and their direct reports are responsible for the following areas:

       Performing an independent audit of the manufacturing line and product post-SOP

       Liaising with Territory Teams and Current Support Teams to monitor customer claims and arrange engineering sample collections of products/assemblies of interest

       Liaising with Current Support Teams on design mitigations for market and production issues

The Senior Product Quality Engineer needs to have a good knowledge of the product development cycle, validation test methods used to forecast reliability and a basic knowledge of production quality controls.  They need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with the UK Team and the Territory Teams.  They also need to be able to manage a small team of Product Quality Engineer.

Market Overview

In 2000, Dyson moved production from Malmesbury to Malaysia to be closer to our supply chains and open up international growth. The small team of 10 has now grown to almost 1,200 – forming Dyson’s second biggest global hub. Located in the exhilarating industrial heart of Johor, it’s also home to RDD, IT, operations,  finance, creative and HR.
The RDD facility is central to our plans to launch 100 new machines in the next four years. To meet these ambitions, we recently expanded the site to 30,000m², with 50 advanced technology labs and 700 new engineers. In the Dyson world, there’s no more exciting place to be.

Function Overview

Dyson machines are built to last, as well as perform. To do this we invest heavily in performance and reliability testing, building our own machines to test our machines. 24 hours a day, seven days a week we put them through their paces. We analyse data and customer feedback, relentlessly improving product safety, reliability, usability and customer satisfaction. Each generation of Dyson technology must set the benchmark for the next. And with so many new categories on the way, our Global Quality & Reliability team will need to be more inventive than ever.


  • FRACAS Reliability Risk Assessment – Review V&V test results and FRACAS reports for projects in SEA development and make a risk assessment based on experience and historical market data. 
  • EB User Trial Management – Manage User Trials for projects in SEA development.  Surveys will be provided and Territory Teams will locally facilitate the trials.  The Senior Product Quality Engineer role will be responsible for planning and coordinating the global activities and reporting status.

  • Manufacturing Production Line Audits – Work with the Senior Manufacturing Quality Engineer to ensure that CTQs are appropriately controlled on the CM production lines and support production line audits where required.

  • Pre-Launch Territory Communications – Generate summary reports for Territory Teams about new products before they launch.  The Territory Teams will monitor the introduction of the new products into each of their markets and send regular reports to the Launch Quality Manager.  The Senior Product Quality Engineer’s reports will ensure that all the Territory Teams are aligned and prepared to monitor the new product.

  • New Product Introduction – Review Territory Team reports about new product introduction.  Facilitate the collection and root cause analysis of samples with the Territory Teams and Malaysia-based Current Support Team.  Review root cause analysis results and design mitigations to ensure robust corrective actions.  Report status to the Launch Quality Manager.

  • Lessons Learned Feedback to UK Team – Maintain a strong relationship with the UK-based Senior Reliability Engineer and ensure SEA-based root cause analysis and design mitigations for in-market issues are communicated to the UK team in order to facilitate lessons learned inputs for new product development.

  • Change Requests – Where requested, review proposed product changes post-SOP to determine whether they present a risk to reliability.

  • Communication – Ensure clear and effective internal communication within the Global Quality & Reliability Department and external communication with other departments.

  • Reporting – Produce clear and concise summary reports that are tailored to the knowledge level of the intended recipient.


  • A degree in a relevant engineering or science discipline or equivalent with 5yrs+ post graduate experience in a technical/engineering/reliability role.
  • Experience of Reliability test methods and risk assessment based on test results.
  • Strong analytical, structured problem solving skills with a good attention to detail.
  • Analytical and data driven with excellent communication skills, catering for technical and non-technical audiences, through the use of:  2D sketches and images, tabular data, chart data, PowerPoint slides, Word documents and verbal presentations.
  • Able to deal with complex issues while under time and cost pressure.
  • An understanding of basic electrical principles, basic electronics, some knowledge of manufacturing quality processes and knowledge of historical Dyson products are added advantages.
  • Ability to plan ahead, prioritise deliverables and coordinate with the work of others.

Benefits Overview

Dyson Malaysia monitors the market to ensure we offer  competitive salaries, management bonuses and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll enjoy generous leave and medical care and insurance. But financial benefits are only the start of a career at Dyson. Leadership support and new opportunities abound, driven by regular dialogue and international training. And with a vibrant culture, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to progress, innovation and realising ambition.

Posted: 20-Jun-2017

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