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A project manager is required to coordinate and communicate project status between multiple teams within the organisation to ensure effective and timely input; resolve conflicts and lead solutions.

This person will also collaborate with other PMs in other functions eg chassis, electronics etc. to ensure consistency of approach and share information

Market Overview

It has remained Dyson’s ambition to solve the problem of vehicle pollution for nearly 30 years. In March 1990 a team at Dyson began work on a cyclonic filter that could be fitted on a vehicle’s exhaust system to trap diesel particulates. Nobody at the time was interested in employing it and we stopped the project.

Now we finally have the opportunity to bring all our technologies together into a single product. Rather than filtering emissions at the exhaust pipe, today we have the ability to solve it at the source. We’ve begun work on a battery electric vehicle, due to launch in 2020.

Function Overview

Vehicle packaging / integration is responsible for the virtual architecture of the whole vehicle - defining space allocations, partitioning into zones, looking at clash, negotiating space attributes


Ensure the team use established Dyson development processes, good engineering practice and discipline to deliver a fully resolved solution to the correct standards.

To create progress and target metrics within the vehicle integration team (packaging, VS, aero, thermal, nvh, homologation).

To liaise with sub-section leaders within the team to collate and drive their activity.

• Manage resource allocation activities against current time plans and support finance in overall project cost management.

• Take an active, hands-on role to understand how engineering problems are resolved thoroughly and help support that resolution.

• Maintain and manage the development of the project plan, ensuring project teams are aligned to the programme plan.

• Identify and plan release points through the programme and create an appropriate Engineering Timing Release Schedule (ETRS).

• Manage the creation and upkeep of product definition documents. • Collate KPI information from the design team to track progress towards agreed targets.

• Support the design leadership in management of resource allocation against engineering deliverables and project spend against agreed budget allocations.

• Identify and plan release points through the programme and create an appropriate Engineering Timing Release Schedule (ETRS). Skills and Experiences: Degree (design, engineering and manufacturing preferable) or equivalent


• Experience in complex system coordination / management.

• Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.

• Outstanding project management capabilities (i.e. estimating and planning, risk management, status reporting, budget tracking, benefits analysis, stakeholder management and communication, resource management)

• Strong communicator; ability to convey complex issues concisely and accurately.

• Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to build productive working relationships and influence.

• Confident; comfortable with interacting with senior executives without being tempted to dilute unpleasant news or back down from well-reasoned analysis. • Assertive; readiness to press teams to take remedial action when required.

• Credible; ability to demonstrate a good level of understanding of engineering processes in order to work with design teams throughout the project development cycle.

• To be able to multi-task and plan effectively when working with a variety of project teams in an often high-pressure, competitive environment.

Benefits Overview


Posted: 5-Jan-2018

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