Linux Software Engineer

£Competitve + 27 Days Holiday + Bonus + Pension

Malmesbury, UK


This is an embedded Linux role within the Intelligent Platform software group, you will build an embedded Linux distribution that will form the core of Dyson’s Intelligent Platform, and that is capable of hosting high performance application software. You will be responsible for device drivers, maintenance and all security aspects of the OS.

Market Overview

Home to our global Research, Design and Development centre and all of our Commercial functions, Dyson HQ is tucked away in countryside famous for the railway tunnels and bridges of Isambard Brunel, who revolutionised modern engineering. Our secluded location helps us to protect our ideas and stay independent-minded. Yet nearby are the fashionable cities of Bristol and Bath (where a young James Dyson invented cyclone technology).

The building is the heartbeat of Dyson. Nearly 2,000 people, including James himself, spend their days strategizing, inventing technology and telling the Dyson story to the world. In 2017, our HQ will double its footprint with an ambitious new expansion.

Function Overview

In the future, the way technology is controlled will be integral to how it performs. Dyson software engineers are already transforming the way our owners interact with their machines. Our first connected robot vacuum launched in 2014 and its companion app takes cleaning into the digital era. Scheduling cleans. Reviewing mapping data. Diagnosing technical issues. Our new technology is advancing at speed. Network-based robotics and intelligent sensing technologies, all enabled by advanced software and app platforms. And all cementing Dyson’s place as a pioneering global technology organisation.


You will be responsible for liaising with all intelligent platform stakeholders and defining the configuration of the embedded Linux distribution, you will then be responsible for the development and configuration of this OS build and on-going maintenance and support, of all future Dyson products that require a high level operating system.


• Deep understanding of Linux OS in an embedded context

o kernel configuration

o build systems and distributions

o security (crypto, network security, secure boot)

o exposure to Yocto / OpenEmbedded – must have

o exposure to other Linux distros (Android/AOSP, buildroot, etc) – useful

o thorough understanding of version control systems (Git, etc)

• Familiarity with Linux kernel programming

o device drivers and kernel modules

o interrupts and threads

o hardware access (I2C, GPIO, UART, etc)

• Familiarity with Linux application development

o Posix API

o Extensive C experience, C++ a definite benefit

o Build systems (make, autotools, CMake, scons, etc) and toolchains

• Familiarity with Linux networking

o configuration and management

o understanding of common protocols

o exposure to IOT

o development of networking applications

• Exposure to open-source software in practical use

o impact on proprietary products

o licensing issues

o dependency management

Benefits Overview

Dyson monitors the market to ensure competitive salaries and pension contributions. Beyond that, you’ll also enjoy a profit-related bonus, generous leave and life insurance. But financial benefits are only the start of a Dyson career. Rapid professional growth, leadership development and new opportunities abound, driven by regular reviews and dynamic workshops. And with a vibrant culture, flexible working hours, the latest devices and a relaxed dress code reflecting our engineering spirit, it’s an exciting team environment geared to creativity, innovation and ambition.

Posted: 31-May-2017

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