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Calamba, Laguna, Philippines


This is an opportunity for an experienced Wed Developer to join a rapidly developing and constantly growing cutting edge consumer goods business. Dyson are expanding its footprint in SEA and are looking for experienced staff to take Dyson through it's next stage of growth.

Market Overview

The Operation Business Intelligent team helps & supports the Global Manufacturing team by identifying and leading process improvements projects. As a Web Development, you will be asked to propose, create and update innovative solutions to help the various initiatives in web/ mobile platform.

Function Overview

The key objective is to align data analytics with business objectives. You will need to understand the supply chain and the business processes in other areas within Dyson. From this knowledge, you will need to work with multiple business stakeholders to interact with and gather data from various Dyson systems. After collecting data, pre-processing is an essential responsibility in this process of extracting business insights. With the data ready to be analyzed, you need to tackle the data problems holistically, in the sense that multiple models and different algorithms with various parameters are to be tried out and weighted to find out the best solution. You will be responsible for the design and development of analytical models to support Dyson operations or implement changes. You will conceptualize and build solutions to make the changes a permanent success.

Furthermore, Dyson aims to increase its operational efficiency and change to adapt to its fast-growing and increasingly complex business operation. One of the key challenges to the job is to attract business interest in utilizing the data analytics and insights to make changes and improvements. This task focuses on the success of change implementation within the organizations. Hence, you will need to prepare thoroughly for presenting your ideas to various business stakeholders and convince them of your findings. Make them understand a problem or an opportunity and get them to be involved in your effort to apply data analytics to the problem. Machine learning, deep learning, data mining or advanced analytics often requires technical knowledge and statistical expertise. Presenting such topic to business people hence needs your emphasis on simplification and clarity.

The Role: 

The Operation Business Intelligent team helps & supports the Global Manufacturing team by identifying and leading process improvements projects. As a Web Development, you will be asked to propose, create and update innovative solutions to help the various initiatives in web/ mobile platform.


Proactive, innovative and professional and will be based in Philippine but may liaise with Malaysia / Singapore / UK and overseas office.

  • Responsible for both front-end and back-end development of the company’s website
  • Develop mobile-responsive website applications
  • Write clean, well-designed code using OOP and proper SDLC protocols
  • Develop re-useable codes following proper software architecture principles.
  • Build new features and fix bugs, optimizing the website for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implementation of security and data protection features
  • Able to  integrate  graphic/web designer to implement UI/UX features and optimize website interactivity
  • Research and keep plugged into emerging technologies while applying them into operations and development

Key Responsibilities

  • Development and implementation of Web & mobile proof web and Mobile applications.
  • Gather user requirements through user requirements, analysing data, current systems and business best practice
  • Ability to present ideas for feedback and iteration, and help facilitate and coordinate the implementation of a project from start to successful completion.
  • Discuss technical design for complex requests with team members to obtain optimum web application
  • Generate innovative concepts to link end-users’ needs with data science solutions
  • Collaborate with data scientists and designers to evaluate projects, design API and code interfaces
  • Participate in internal and external development groups and presentations
  • Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges
  • Explore and evaluate possibilities of deploying automation in business processes to enhance business efficiency.
  • Ensure all scheduled project are delivered timely.



  • More than 3 years of experience with web and mobile front-end development
  • Strong knowledge of Programming C#, Java,Java scripts,  VB.net , .net MVC 5,ASPX.Net , HTML 5 , CSS and IIS & web typography
  • Angular.js, React.js or similar application framework
  • User interface design based on UX research, A/B testing
  • Fundamentals of design, layout and typography
  • Understanding accessibility and security compliance , user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • The ideal candidate will have strong hybrid web & mobile development skills, experience taking mockups and turning them into standards compliant mobile applications and achieving cross-platform compatibility.
  • Strong in large relational databases and SQL Programming.
  • Fundamentals of data analysis and visualization
  • Able to write create iOS application / Android and publish in apple store or Google play
Plus skills
  • UX methodology
  • Full stack development
  • D3.js and similar data visualization library
  • Artful design background
  • Data processing, formatting and analysis in Python or R
  • Working with open-source APIs and data sets
  • Comfortable using Git for version control
  • Responsiveness for multiple screen size
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch
  • Cross-browser

Underlying characteristic/behavior required

  • Ability to think out of the box
  • Self-motivated, dynamic, results-driven and assertive
  • Good presentation skills at all levels of the organization
  • Team player, comfortable dealing with all business levels and external suppliers
  • Ethical, personal integrity
  • Quick learner
  • Willing to be flexible in tasks and activities taken on
  • Enjoy challenges and thrives on them
  • Attention to detail without losing bigger picture

Benefits Overview


Posted: 16-May-2017

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